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Tenor Guitar Setup

Tenor guitars have a 21" scale length.

Phosphor bronze and plain steel string gauges: .052 - .036 - .024 - .016

We like to get the setup as tailored as possible to each customer. Our tenor guitars are tuned in fifths, GDAE. The standard setup allows the use of multiple cross tunings (GDGD, AEAE). If that is not required then we would make some slight adjustments.

CGDA tuning setup is also available upon request.

The Eclipse tailpiece has some great benefits. It adds a lot of mass at the end of the strings and it alows us to perfectly define the string angle over the bridge. Both greatly improve tone and responsiveness, which ultimately make the instrument easier to play.

5-String Banjo Setup

Our standard banjos have a 25.5 scale length.

...More info coming soon.

Fletcher Tenor Guitar - Mahogany