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Fletcher Tenor Guitars


Maple JD1-MS $3,000 SOLD

New Maple Spruce Top Tenor Guitar For Sale.






Fletcher Tenor Guitar Bridge $40.

An unslotted bridge blank is meant for arched top intruments (Post 2011 Fletcher tenor guitars) which require the feet to be shaped to the instrument before the action is set by the string slots. The height is measured to the top of the blank.

A slotted bridge is meant for flat top instruments. The height is measured to the bottom of the string.

Bridge width 3.5". String Spacing .5"

Unslotted Ebony Bridge Blank Size
Slotted Ebony Bridge Size


Please send us an email with any questions or to place an order. If you have any specific questions please give us a call.

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Our tenor guitars are made in small batches and often made to order, therefore there is a limited inventory.

All tenor guitars are individually hand-crafted. There are slight variations in wood selections and detailing for each instrument. Some materials are at additional cost due to rarity and limited stock (koa, curly maple).

There is a one year warranty with all new tenor guitars.

We are currently taking orders for all models:

  • JD1 - $2800

  • JD1-S - $2800

  • JD1-MS - $3000

  • JD2 - $2900

  • JD2-S - $2900

Types of wood available:

  • Mahogany

  • Curly Maple

JD2 wood binding options:

  • Maple

  • Walnut

Please place an order for any model you like...

Mahogany Tenor Guitar for saleMahogany JD1

Taking Orders



Mahogany Tenor Guitar for saleMahogany JD1-S

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Mahogany Tenor Guitar for saleMaple JD1-MS

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