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Frequently Asked Questions

What gauge strings do you use on your Tenor Guitar?

We recommend using loop end phosphor bronze and plain steel strings when playing in GDAE or AEAE and other associated tunings.

Post 2010 models can use gauges .052, .036, .024, and plain steel .015.

Pre 2010 models should use .048, .036, .024, and plain steel .015.,

What tunings work without changing the setup (the Nut and/or Bridge)?

GDAE, GDGD, AEAE, ADAE, GDAD, DDAD, ADAD, AEAC#, FCFC, GDGB and more... Have fun trying them.

What books or DVDs do you recommend for learning how to play the Fletcher Tenor Guitar?

Depending on the tuning you wish to use, Irish tenor banjo, octave mandolin or bouzouki instruction books or DVDs should give you a good start. There are a number of great ones out there.

How old is my Fletcher Tenor Guitar?

The serial number on the label is the instrument number and the date it was completed.



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