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James Fletcher Dougan

Jamie is a luthier in Brooktondale, NY, building a few small batches of tenor guitars and banjos a year.

Jamie grew up working in his fathers cabinet shop which specializes in fine architectural millwork. With 20 years of luthier and a lifetime of woodworking experience, Jamie enjoys engineering and fine tuning each part of an instrument to get the best clear timbre and effortless playability.

Jamie's tenor guitars are styled after a 1920's vintage SS Stewart tenor guitar that his mother bought while working at Elderly Instruments in 1980. Originally intended for tenor banjo players and tuned in fifths, this instrument is tuned an octave lower than a fiddle, GDAE. It can also accommodate other cross tunings including ADAE and AEAE making it great for Old Time and Irish music.

Jamie also makes topographic art. Check out TopoGraphics.art.

When not building instruments, Jamie spends his time playing music, biking and working on homesteading projects with his wife and daughter.

Fletcher Instruments- About
Fletcher Instruments- About
Fletcher Instruments- About