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Angelina Carberry.

"Down The Hill-Bonnie Prince Charlie-Paddy Ryan's Dream" Listen Here.

The Cliffhangers

"The Hog-Eyed Man" Listen Here.

Lonesome Sisters: Debra Clifford, Sara Hawker & Riley Baugus

"House Carpenter" Listen Here.

Lonesome Sisters: Debra Clifford & Sara Hawker

"20 Doors" Listen Here.

Matt Brown & Jody Platt.

"Taylor Girls" Listen Here.

Angelina Carberry.

"The Princess Royal" Listen Here.

Roger Tallroth.

"Forslund" Listen Here.




Dick Glasgow playing The Shaskeen Reel on his Fletcher Tenor Guitar.



Angelina Carberry and Martin Quinn playing a JD1-S & JD1 Fletcher Tenor Guitar.


Jody Platt playing her JD1, with friends at Clifftop.


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