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Jamie Dougan - Luthier

Jamie Dougan - LuthierJamie Dougan is a luthier in Ithaca NY, building a few small batches of tenor guitars and banjos a year.

With over 10 years of exprerience Jamie engineers and acoustically fine tunes each part to get the most out of every instrument while concentrating on solid custom craftsmanship and ease of play.

Jamie builds his tenors with a short-scale neck (21"), floating bridge, X braced arched top, and a banjo-style peg head. The standard model has an all mahogany body with either a mahogany top or a sitka spruce top; both give a rich and beautiful sound to the instrument.

The Fletcher Tenor Guitar is tuned an octave below the fiddle or mandolin (GDAE) and can easily follow common fiddle open tunings (e.g. GDGD, AEAE, etc). With only four strings, tuning changes are speedy, unlike mandolins or other double coursed instruments.

Fletcher Instruments

Jody Platt purchased an original SS Stewart tenor guitar (circa 1920) in the late 1970's. Jody, as an old-time banjo player, found that she could retune the tenor guitar to various open fiddle tunings and flat-pick melodies an octave below the fiddler. This opened up many more playing opportunities. It has been her main instrument for years, adding a bright new sound to old-time music.

During the last thirty years of playing and performing, many musicians have enthusiastically responded to her "little guitar" and asked where they could find something like it. When Jody's son Jamie Dougan began to build instruments, it was natural to build a version of her tenor.

The Fletcher Instruments Tenortone guitar is finding its place among a wide variety of acoustic music genres, including the old-time and Irish music communities. Its unique and versatile voice is a beautiful complement to any music tradition.


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